"found" on far magazine..

huwaaa... i just came from the book store and i just bought a magazine.. this is the special issue for me  coz.. my artwork "found" was on that magazine.. several week ago far magazine requested permission to use my art work on their magazine.. because they thought that the idea of the illustration is related to the theme of the issue and certainly  i'm agree to put my artwork on  far magazine...
as u can see  this illustration was lil bit different with the original version, it used to has anarchy logo on the ground and the editor thought it would be better if i change into far magazine logo.. 

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Anis Wuku said...

hello ky..g anis dari FAR nih...lo uda megang majalah FAR??
hehehe beli ya?? soalnya pas g nanya markom g katanya lom ngirim k lo??

soalnya g aja baru mo nanya mo d kirim kmna??

btw.. thanks ya....

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